Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Most Amazing Holiday!

About 6 months ago me, my best friend Jennie and her family were talking about going on holiday together. It was kind of one of those things that you talk about and get so excited for, but never really think it will become a reality. For me it was whether I wouldn't be able to afford it, get the time off work etc. Anyhow weeks went by and we eventually booked the holiday for me, Jennie, Jennie's mum, her step dad and brother. Officially knowing that we were all going to Mexico together was one of the most exciting things I could think of, Jennie's family are crazily funny and I couldn't imagine how fun it would be!

For me, this was totally different to what I was used to. Every time I have gone on holiday with my family in the past, it has been to the same little place in Spain, in the same little complex, driving into the town to go out for meals, just basically doing our own little thing! I had never stayed in a hotel on holiday or gone all inclusive, and more than that, i had never been out of Europe.

We stayed in the Riu Tequila hotel in Playa del Carmen, I seriously could not fault this hotel. I shared a room with Jennie and we had her brother next door, the rooms were spotless and had a real 'mexican' feel to them. We had our own little balcony with a view of the palm tree's and a HUGE mirror in the bathroom which definitely comes in handy when 2 girls are sharing a room! The staff at the hotel were amazing and were always setting an unreal atmosphere to make sure everyone was having a good time.

Just a 5 minute walk from the hotel was the most breath taking beach I have been on. I simply can't describe how beautiful it was so i'm simply going to let you take a look at the pictures :)

Now as much as we wanted this holiday to get away and relax, there was also a part of us that wanted to explore Mexico and see everything we could. During our time there we visited one of the wonders of the world, swam with dolphins and sharks and drove speed boats into the middle of the second biggest coral reef in the world, and swam and snorkelled in it. 

I simply cannot put into words how good this holiday really was. I met so many amazing people who I won't forget and who made this holiday, it wouldn't of been the same without them! When I got back to England I was SO sad and just wanted to go back, like everyone does when they return from they're holiday. One day I am 100% going back to mexico, it's too beautiful of a country not to :)

Please comment telling me about your favourite holiday!


  1. aw I mentioned you in my new blog post

  2. I'm off to Mexico in April and I came across your post. It's made me more excited to go, looks like you had a lovely time! :)



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