Friday, 17 May 2013

Topshop Nail Polishes

So Topshop is one of my favourite places to shop (although it is rather expensive) and when they brought out the whole make-up collection it got me super excited, and even though Topshop is known for its wild expense, they sell they're make-up and nail polishes for really good prices. The last time I went and I saw the wall of bright sparkly nail polishes they called my name and I HAD to buy some (the 2 for £8 offer drew me in even more!). I've always been a 'nails' girl, always have them painted, love doing different designs and patterns and seeing how creative I can be with my nails. They're nail polishes range from bright colours to pastel, and from teeny tiny glitter nail polishes to larger glitter polishes, and since these are all so pretty, I thought I'd share 'em with you :)
Beleza is a gorgeous lilac/blue glitter polish. It has large and small particles of glitter in and just looks amazing over other nail polishes, I have been loving glitter polishes at the moment I'm just obsessed because I think it makes your nails look much more interesting
 Carnival is a dulled down yellow, it's very summery, very cute, quite an odd colour to where on nails but it can look really pretty!
New Wave
 New Wave is an orange toned red. I love this because its different to your typical bright red nail polishes and the orange tone in it makes it stand out.
 For starters, I think tingle is the cutest name for a nail polish, but seriously I love this! Its a vintage rose pink coloured glitter nail polish with small glitter particles in and looks really nice over other nail polishes, or on its own it looks really nice and simple.
Marine Scene
 Marine scene is a warm royal blue, this colour is so beautiful because it has a slight shimmer to it.
Queen of Green
 Queen of Green is the most exciting nail polish ever, its SO different and looks so good on your nails, its a tiny glittery shimmery silver green and it catches the light, its just super exciting.

 I have really been enjoying wearing these nail polishes on my nails, I love mixing them up as I get kinda bored easily, not that I feel I have to because these are really long lasting. If applied with a topcoat these don't chip, the opacity is great you need maybe 1 or 2 coats, and to top it all off I think the packaging is SUPER cute, I love them!



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