Friday, 5 February 2016


It's that time of year where all the loved up couples celebrate being together. In the past I have never had anyone to share this special day with so to me it has always just been another normal day. Ive never hated valentines day because I didn't have a valentine, I was always happy for anyone and everyone who celebrated it. This year I am lucky enough to have someone to spend this day with, but when it comes to presents, what the hell do you buy? I know a lot of people aren't into the whole gift giving on valentines because 'there shouldn't be one day when you show each other your love, you should do that everyday', but if you are looking for ideas of what to buy for your partner, or if your partner has asked what you want for Valentines, and you can't decide, I've come up with a few things that I think would be lovely gifts for Valentines! 


Makeup - If your girlfriend is a total makeup and beauty enthusiast like me, then makeup is a present you definitely cannot go wrong with! Eyeshadow palettes are your best bet when it comes to buying makeup for someone else, because no matter what skin tone, an eyeshadow palette is going to have eyeshadows to suit everyone. I am totally in love with the Urban Decay Naked Palettes numbers 1 & 2 (shown above). They're awesome and almost every single girl out there feels the same as I do! The shadows are pigmented, range from shimmery to matte & light to dark, they basically have everything you could need in an eyeshadow palette. If you are a guy reading this I know that meant absolutely nothing to you, but just trust me when I say, if your girlfriend doesn't already own one of these palettes, I can almost bet that she wants one.

Chocolates - Chocolate is what every girl wants and needs. A lot of good quality chocolate brands will most likely have some sort of Valentines collection out for this time of year, but to be honest, when it comes to chocolate, anything will do!

Flowers -  One present that you can't go wrong with for Valentines day is flowers. Almost every girls loves to receive flowers not just on Valentines, but any day. They're beautiful, they light up a room, they smell gorgeous and they just make whoever you give them to feel special. You don't have to spend an absolute fortune on them if you don't want, you can buy cute little bouquets from most supermarkets, but lets be honest, what girl wouldn't love to receive a huge expensive bouquet on Valentines day? Now I know there are a bunch of people out there who see no point in buying flowers because they're simply going to die. Well I have a solution for that silly excuse.. frame them! Originally this was my mums idea when my boyfriend bought me flowers for my birthday, she thought it would be a cute idea to dry them out and frame them so I could keep them! 

All you have to do is choose the flowers that look the best out of your bouquet (it doesn't matter if they are fresh or have already dried out, apparently this works best with fresh flowers but I did mine with dried out flowers and it worked out fine), choose around 3/4 depending on how big the frame is that you want to put them in. Picking a few makes sure that you can pick the best ones once they have dried out. Arrange your flowers onto the back page of a big book, arrange them neatly and more or less how you want them to look when they are framed, because this is the position they are going to dry out in. Close the book with the flowers in, place something heavy on top and leave for around a week!

Once your flowers are dry all you have to do is glue them down onto a piece of paper, pop them into a frame and voila, you have your framed flowers that will last forever! Also I think a cute little addition is to write the date, when you got the flowers and who from on the back of the paper! 

Champagne/alcohol - No doubt that she is going to love a bottle of her favourite champagne, wine or whatever alcohol she likes to drink. If your planning to cook her a meal for this Valentines day, make sure you get in a bottle of her favourite to go with the meal. 

Jewellery - Every girl loves jewellery whether it be a bracelet, necklace, watch or a ring. It doesn't have to be something super expensive, any type of jewellery is going to make a girl feel glamorous. One of my favourite pieces of jewellery I own is my Pandora bracelet (shown above). The good thing about this is even the bracelet on its own is stunning, but adding charms just makes it that bit better, and you can customise it to exactly how you want it by buying the charms you love! If your girlfriend already owns a Pandora bracelet, a new charm to add to her collection is the perfect gift. Pandora have a huge range of charms to choose from, but one charm that would be perfect for Valentines would be the love heart charm. I have this charm in silver & rose gold (shown above) and they're gorgeous, they totally tie the bracelet together and having two in different metals gives it a gorgeous dimension!

Watches - Maybe your girlfriend isn't the bracelet type and would prefer a watch, or maybe she loves both and like me, wears them together. In the picture above is a stunning Olivia Burton watch. Small rose gold face with a black strap, simple & elegant, and matches perfectly with the rose gold charms from Pandora!

Perfume - I don't know one girl that doesn't wear or have a favourite perfume, so buying her favourite for her on Valentines day is going to go down pretty well. Lets be honest perfumes can be quite expensive and so receiving one as a gift couldn't be more perfect! Above are some of my favourites, if your looking for something cheap but absolutely stunning, I would go for Zara Oriental. This scent is by far my favourite, its a very sweet mature scent and to top it all off, its only around £8! Other great ones are Daisy by Marc Jacobs, this is a beautiful light floral daytime scent. Lady Million by Paco Rabanne is a good one for a night out, its a heavy mature scent thats perfect for night time. Lastly Hypnotic Poison by Dior, this again is one of the best scents for me, its heavy and sweet but there is nothing else like it and its a scent you want around you all the time.

Candles/bath products - Every girl loves to relax and pamper themselves, so you can't go wrong with a sweet scented candle. Also why not get her a gift card for a day at a salon so she could totally pamper herself all day long!


Aftershave - Just like girls with their perfume, I don't know a guy who doesn't have a favourite aftershave. There are so many amazing smelling ones out there such as Paco Rabanne One Million, Invictus & Creed. They all smell awesome so girls, just pick the one you want your man to smell of!

Tech - Its no secret that all boys are into their techy stuff. So for Valentines I don't think you could go wrong with something like a pair of headphones. Or if he's into his cameras, I'm pretty sure he'd go crazy for a GoPro.

Clothing - You can never have too many clothes in my eyes, so the perfect shirt, jumper or pair of trainers could be the gift your boyfriend is in need of.

Wallet - Every guy needs a wallet, so if his is looking slightly battered and not in great shape, he's never going to say no to a fresh brand new leather wallet. 

If you are celebrating Valentines day this year, I hope you all have a lovely day!

Let me know what you're getting your partner, or what you're doing on Valentines day?

P x 

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Review!

 Ive always been the type of girl that buys makeup on the high street, Ive never really splurged on makeup until the other week when I gave into temptation and bought the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, and I don't regret it! Id heard so many good things about this foundation and was desperate to try it. 

 It's safe to say I have never tried a foundation quite like this one, for me, not one foundation that I've ever bought from a high street brand even comes close! I have a lot of redness and discolouration on my skin, so concealer is an every day MUST for me with any foundation I wear… not with this one. After buffing this into the skin every single mark on my skin had vanished and the foundation left an absolutely flawless finish. Not matte, not too dewy, it almost left the look of perfect healthy luminous skin. 

Since trying out this amazing Nars foundation I haven't used anything else on my skin, I couldn't believe how good it really was and I am so happy I finally bought it after a long time of contemplating whether I should. The coverage is amazing, the finish is beautiful and it lasts all day without moving or wearing off in certain places.

I can't say enough good things about this product, if you want to see my first ever impression I filmed a video on my Youtube channel which you can check out here - http://bit.ly/1m645Cr

Polly-anne x


Friday, 13 March 2015


As someone who has suffered with bad skin in the past, I am constantly on the hunt for brilliant skin care products that can improve skin in one way or another. I had heard a lot about The Body Shop and their skin care range, but had never got round to trying them, so a couple of weeks ago I picked up 3 things from their Tea Tree range. 

These products are aimed at people who are suffering or have suffered with blemish prone skin. My skin has currently settled down and is blemish-free, however I have been left with horrible scarring and discolouration from previous blemishes and I will do whatever it takes to get rid of it!


This cleanser along with the other products from the range, is suitable for blemished skin and is aimed to remove impurities and excess oil for clearer looking skin. Although this is a foam cleanser, it doesn't leave the skin feeling dry or dehydrated like others can, instead it leaves skin feeling super clean and fresh, ready for you to continue the rest of your skin care routine.


In the past I had never used a toner, I hadn't found one good enough that made me want to use it every single day. That being said I am loving using this toner, applied after the foaming cleanser, it continues to leave skin feeling fresh and feeling as though there isn't one trace of dirt or makeup on your face. Although I must say, if you're not too keen on the smell of tea tree, I would consider staying away from this product or maybe the range all together as it is not just a subtle scent!


And finally, saving what I see as the best product until last. Applied nightly it's supposed to minimise the appearance of post-blemish marks and discolouration. I haven't used it long enough for me to be able to see a difference on my skin, but it applies like a dream and leaves my skin feeling amazing. I have also had people who have tried this product, tell me that it has worked on their skin and they love it, so I am super excited to see if it has a positive effect on my skin after continued use!

Used together, I feel these products really do give the desired result of leaving skin looking clearer and feeling cleaner. As the first products I have tried from The Body Shop, I think they're great and am already thinking about other products I can try out from there.

Do you love The Body Shop? Any products you can recommend? 


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Lastminute.com UK Spa Fortnight Promotion & GIVEAWAY!

Hello Lovelies!

In relation to my Pamper Evening Routine video over on my channel, Lastminute.com have kindly offered an amazing giveaway for one of you lucky guys! 

If you haven't seen the video already, check it out - http://youtu.be/mjpGutvQqWs

We all need a spa break once in a while, so if you fancy treating yourself to a pampering session, Lasminute.com are holding their UK Spa Fortnight promotion where you can find 2 for 1 spa breaks and spa days at some of the best spas and resorts throughout the UK! Head over to their website to find out more -  http://bit.ly/1jBEdpy


My Pamper Evening Routine video was kindly sponsored by Lastminute.com, so I can give one of you guys an amazing gift! The prize on offer is for 2 people to visit Whittlebury Hall Spa in Northamptonshire for a half day spa, which includes full use of the Heat & Ice Experience. You then receive a three course dinner in Astons Restaurant, and to finish the day of nicely you then get to spend the night in a standard double/twin room with a full english breakfast in the morning. 

Please read the Terms & Conditions for a full understanding of the giveaway - http://pollyannebspafortnightpromotion.pen.io/

In order to enter this giveaway, firstly head over to my Pamper Evening Routine video over on my Youtube channel ( http://youtu.be/mjpGutvQqWs ). Subscribe to my channel, like the video, and leave a comment on the video telling me what YOUR favourite way to relax is! (e.g. taking a bath, listening to calming music, doing your nails…) Whatever your favourite thing to do to relax is, just leave it in the comments section and I will be picking a winner very soon!

Good luck to any one that enters!



Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Most Amazing Holiday!

About 6 months ago me, my best friend Jennie and her family were talking about going on holiday together. It was kind of one of those things that you talk about and get so excited for, but never really think it will become a reality. For me it was whether I wouldn't be able to afford it, get the time off work etc. Anyhow weeks went by and we eventually booked the holiday for me, Jennie, Jennie's mum, her step dad and brother. Officially knowing that we were all going to Mexico together was one of the most exciting things I could think of, Jennie's family are crazily funny and I couldn't imagine how fun it would be!

For me, this was totally different to what I was used to. Every time I have gone on holiday with my family in the past, it has been to the same little place in Spain, in the same little complex, driving into the town to go out for meals, just basically doing our own little thing! I had never stayed in a hotel on holiday or gone all inclusive, and more than that, i had never been out of Europe.

We stayed in the Riu Tequila hotel in Playa del Carmen, I seriously could not fault this hotel. I shared a room with Jennie and we had her brother next door, the rooms were spotless and had a real 'mexican' feel to them. We had our own little balcony with a view of the palm tree's and a HUGE mirror in the bathroom which definitely comes in handy when 2 girls are sharing a room! The staff at the hotel were amazing and were always setting an unreal atmosphere to make sure everyone was having a good time.

Just a 5 minute walk from the hotel was the most breath taking beach I have been on. I simply can't describe how beautiful it was so i'm simply going to let you take a look at the pictures :)

Now as much as we wanted this holiday to get away and relax, there was also a part of us that wanted to explore Mexico and see everything we could. During our time there we visited one of the wonders of the world, swam with dolphins and sharks and drove speed boats into the middle of the second biggest coral reef in the world, and swam and snorkelled in it. 

I simply cannot put into words how good this holiday really was. I met so many amazing people who I won't forget and who made this holiday, it wouldn't of been the same without them! When I got back to England I was SO sad and just wanted to go back, like everyone does when they return from they're holiday. One day I am 100% going back to mexico, it's too beautiful of a country not to :)

Please comment telling me about your favourite holiday!

Monday, 24 June 2013

My Top 10 Lipsticks!


At the moment i am really enjoying wearing lipstick, bright oranges, pinks, reds and nudes, any colour lipstick, i love to wear it! i love being adventurous with lipstick because its the only part of make up where you can where near enough any colour you want and get away with it! I think lipstick can totally change a make up look from summery to wintery depending on what colour you choose to where.

I have quite a large lipstick collection and its continuing to grow, so i have picked out my top 10 lipsticks to show you! Also just to point out these are not in any order, just random, i love them all the same :P

Okay, so the first lipstick i am starting off with is one of my all time favourites, as you can kind of tell because it is running out! :( 
Anyway, this lipstick is Girl About Town by Mac, and it's part of the Amplified collection. 
This lipstick is so stunning, it is a bright fluorescent pink with a blue undertone. Bright lipsticks are really in at the moment and i think this is a colour that would suit anyone with any skin tone!  

The next lipstick in my top ten favourite is a gorgeous deep red by LorĂ©al Paris, it is number 376 Cassis Passion. I think this lipstick is so perfect for winter time, but i love it so much i just  wear it all year round! 

The third lipstick is a really pretty dark nude by Rimmel London. This is from the Kate Moss collection, number 03. Now when it comes to nudes i struggle to pull them off because i have a pretty fare skin tone, but i really like this nude because its darker than usual, so it means i can wear it without looking like i have no lips! haha! 

This next lipstick is Tease from Topshop! This is the only pale pink lipstick i own but i love it so much! I always feel really girly and summery when i wear it, and i think baby pink lipsticks can look so so pretty :) 

Half way through my top ten is a classic red lipstick from MUA, this is shade 13. I LOVE the MUA lipsticks so much, they are so highly pigmented, they stay on all day, they're moisturising and to top it all off they are only £1! I highly recommend these lipsticks! 

The next lipstick is a No7 lipstick in Classic Rose. This is a beautiful rose pink colour. It has a matte finish and last a very long time and i have been wearing this colour a LOT lately!

This lipstick is from Topshop, it is called 'ohh la la', which i think is the coolest name for a lipstick ever :P Orange lipsticks are so summery, cute and really in at the minute! Orange is quite a daring colour to wear on your lips but it can look really cool and perfect for summer and spring!

The 8th lipstick in my top 10 is another lipstick from the Kate Moss collection, this is number 16! The Kate Moss lipsticks are so popular because they are so good! They're pigmented, and they stay feeling glossy for a really long time, i also love this cute pink coral colour :)

Second to last is another Mac lipstick, this is Angel and it's from the frost collection. This is a lovely pink toned nude colour, it's the perfect in between of a nude and a baby pink :)

Lastly is 17 Rosette from Clinique! I feel this is quite a festive lipstick! It is a deep red with gold shimmer running through it and it looks super pretty on the lips!

So that's my top 10 lipsticks! No doubt when i have tried out a few more lipsticks i will update this!
Until next time :)


Friday, 17 May 2013

Topshop Nail Polishes

So Topshop is one of my favourite places to shop (although it is rather expensive) and when they brought out the whole make-up collection it got me super excited, and even though Topshop is known for its wild expense, they sell they're make-up and nail polishes for really good prices. The last time I went and I saw the wall of bright sparkly nail polishes they called my name and I HAD to buy some (the 2 for £8 offer drew me in even more!). I've always been a 'nails' girl, always have them painted, love doing different designs and patterns and seeing how creative I can be with my nails. They're nail polishes range from bright colours to pastel, and from teeny tiny glitter nail polishes to larger glitter polishes, and since these are all so pretty, I thought I'd share 'em with you :)
Beleza is a gorgeous lilac/blue glitter polish. It has large and small particles of glitter in and just looks amazing over other nail polishes, I have been loving glitter polishes at the moment I'm just obsessed because I think it makes your nails look much more interesting
 Carnival is a dulled down yellow, it's very summery, very cute, quite an odd colour to where on nails but it can look really pretty!
New Wave
 New Wave is an orange toned red. I love this because its different to your typical bright red nail polishes and the orange tone in it makes it stand out.
 For starters, I think tingle is the cutest name for a nail polish, but seriously I love this! Its a vintage rose pink coloured glitter nail polish with small glitter particles in and looks really nice over other nail polishes, or on its own it looks really nice and simple.
Marine Scene
 Marine scene is a warm royal blue, this colour is so beautiful because it has a slight shimmer to it.
Queen of Green
 Queen of Green is the most exciting nail polish ever, its SO different and looks so good on your nails, its a tiny glittery shimmery silver green and it catches the light, its just super exciting.

 I have really been enjoying wearing these nail polishes on my nails, I love mixing them up as I get kinda bored easily, not that I feel I have to because these are really long lasting. If applied with a topcoat these don't chip, the opacity is great you need maybe 1 or 2 coats, and to top it all off I think the packaging is SUPER cute, I love them!


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