Monday, 24 June 2013

My Top 10 Lipsticks!


At the moment i am really enjoying wearing lipstick, bright oranges, pinks, reds and nudes, any colour lipstick, i love to wear it! i love being adventurous with lipstick because its the only part of make up where you can where near enough any colour you want and get away with it! I think lipstick can totally change a make up look from summery to wintery depending on what colour you choose to where.

I have quite a large lipstick collection and its continuing to grow, so i have picked out my top 10 lipsticks to show you! Also just to point out these are not in any order, just random, i love them all the same :P

Okay, so the first lipstick i am starting off with is one of my all time favourites, as you can kind of tell because it is running out! :( 
Anyway, this lipstick is Girl About Town by Mac, and it's part of the Amplified collection. 
This lipstick is so stunning, it is a bright fluorescent pink with a blue undertone. Bright lipsticks are really in at the moment and i think this is a colour that would suit anyone with any skin tone!  

The next lipstick in my top ten favourite is a gorgeous deep red by LorĂ©al Paris, it is number 376 Cassis Passion. I think this lipstick is so perfect for winter time, but i love it so much i just  wear it all year round! 

The third lipstick is a really pretty dark nude by Rimmel London. This is from the Kate Moss collection, number 03. Now when it comes to nudes i struggle to pull them off because i have a pretty fare skin tone, but i really like this nude because its darker than usual, so it means i can wear it without looking like i have no lips! haha! 

This next lipstick is Tease from Topshop! This is the only pale pink lipstick i own but i love it so much! I always feel really girly and summery when i wear it, and i think baby pink lipsticks can look so so pretty :) 

Half way through my top ten is a classic red lipstick from MUA, this is shade 13. I LOVE the MUA lipsticks so much, they are so highly pigmented, they stay on all day, they're moisturising and to top it all off they are only £1! I highly recommend these lipsticks! 

The next lipstick is a No7 lipstick in Classic Rose. This is a beautiful rose pink colour. It has a matte finish and last a very long time and i have been wearing this colour a LOT lately!

This lipstick is from Topshop, it is called 'ohh la la', which i think is the coolest name for a lipstick ever :P Orange lipsticks are so summery, cute and really in at the minute! Orange is quite a daring colour to wear on your lips but it can look really cool and perfect for summer and spring!

The 8th lipstick in my top 10 is another lipstick from the Kate Moss collection, this is number 16! The Kate Moss lipsticks are so popular because they are so good! They're pigmented, and they stay feeling glossy for a really long time, i also love this cute pink coral colour :)

Second to last is another Mac lipstick, this is Angel and it's from the frost collection. This is a lovely pink toned nude colour, it's the perfect in between of a nude and a baby pink :)

Lastly is 17 Rosette from Clinique! I feel this is quite a festive lipstick! It is a deep red with gold shimmer running through it and it looks super pretty on the lips!

So that's my top 10 lipsticks! No doubt when i have tried out a few more lipsticks i will update this!
Until next time :)



  1. Love this post! Ooh la la is now on my wish list!
    Beckie x

  2. I'm currently obsessed with your YouTube channel and now I'm obsessed with you blog too!
    Karun xxx

  3. I realy like the Top shop ohh la la and the rimmel london dark nude!! They look realy good on you, well they all look good on you :)
    Blogger wont let me follow you right now but i'm following you on Bloglovin!! I will come back later to follow your blog :)

  4. what a great range of colors! I've been looking to expand my collection of lipsticks...I'm trying to branch out from being a low-key stain/balm kind of girl. Love from the states!! xoxox

  5. I think classic rose will have to be added to my collection!
    Lucy x

  6. Wow I really. Think this is a great Idea for a post! It has given me some great ideas of some new lipsticks I need to buy! Also great blog!!!!

  7. Ohh la la is definitely my favurite out of them all!! xx

  8. MAC Angel's my fave, i own it and i love it :) will be trying the MUA!

    check out my new blog

  9. Love this post & girl about town! I've just started a blog and would love if you could look at it? :) xxx

  10. Hello Polly! I would like to in form you that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. All the information is on my blog post!

    Emily xxx

  11. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award check out my post and join the tag! xxx


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